Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things I ♥ ...Krups Moka Brew

I was recently asked to participate in some testing of new products for an online community, which many of you are probably familiar with, called the nest.  Of course, I happily agreed.  I mean, trying out cool new products is a fun concept for me especially when they're cool new kitchen gadgets and tools.  I could never get tired of that!

So my first go-round had a little something to do with a topic/product close to mine and Chris' hearts (especially in it's aide to give us a kick-start in the morning)!  It was coffee.  Yes, our drug and addiction that we could not possibly live without in the morning.  We call it "happiness" in our household and that's just what it is.  Pure happiness.

But it wasn't coffee, exactly, that we were trying out, but more of it's counterpart: the coffee maker.  There were a variety of different types and brands they were having us try out and the one we received was none other than this lovely....

It's the Krups Moka Brew and let me be honest in first saying how much it initially intimidated me!  This was not the regular (for normal people) coffee pot that I was expecting!  This was a high dollar, fancy-schmancy coffee pot that I had absolutely no clue how to work!  It didn't come with directions, which was desperately needed in my case!  But after doing a little research and looking it over, I finally managed to figure out how it all worked.

So this isn't your everyday, wake up in the morning, regular 'ol coffee.  This makes a full-bodied, fragrant, espresso-esque coffee.  Some refer to it being rather true to Italian coffee; however I cannot say since I've never had it.  It's good coffee, although a little strong for our liking, but I felt really pretentious drinking it!  I felt like I was somebody and that I should be sitting outside a quaint little cafe' with a close girlfriend in Beverly Hills with paparazzi hiding behind the bushes trying to get their best shot of us gossiping over coffee!  It took me to another place!

It's definitely a great concept in that it uses a steam method of brewing versus the regular drip style that I'm used to.  It also has fun little round filters that you use, although they are purchased separately and with the price tag of this beauty ranging anywhere from $149.99 to $180.00, the addition of the coffee and the filters make it an expensive pick-me-up for the morning!  Chris and I definitely agreed that it's not something we would've purchased ourselves and it's probably not something we'll use regularly but I think for special occasions and gatherings, it would be a fun element to serve with brunch or top off a wonderful time with a night cap!
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